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What is an EIR and why is it important?

Here are 7 reasons why you need an EIR for your next project: Building Information Modelling (BIM) has made massive strides in recent years. It is becoming commonplace on new capital projects and its use will only increase as more people witness the benefits. But you are not maximizing the benefits of BIM unless your project starts with an Exchange Information Requirement (EIR), the BIM guidelines. Without an EIR everyone who is designing and using BIM are only doing it in their individual ways with limited or ad-hoc collaboration. An EIR should be produced as early as possible. It establishes the BIM framework for a project so that everyone involved understands their own and others information responsibilities. As a client, it gives you the opportunity to clearly define what information you require during a project and more importantly what you require at the end of a project to enable your asset to be managed effectively. Here are 7 direct benefits of developing an EIR: 1.Handover Data Obtain the structured asset data that you require in the format that you require to work with your existing or planned CAFM system. 2. Collaborate Establish the project teams, the lines of communication, the project meetings and the information required to make the meetings effective. 3. Compliance Level 2 BIM is required on most BIM mandated projects and an EIR is a Level 2 mandatory requirement. 4. Communicate Detail how information and documents will be named, where and when they will be stored and shared. Ensure that information is shared in an organized way. 5. Efficiency Develop a Model Production & Delivery Table (MPDT), ensuring that only the information required at each stage is developed to the required detail. Focus your design team on the critical work. 6. Checks Check that the design is meeting your brief. Establish what information is required at each stage to check that the developing design is meeting your brief. 7. Quality Validate the quality of the design. Obtain model quality reports to catalogue errors and understand what information is missing. Fore more information on EIR or to implement into your organization or your next project, please feel free to contact us at


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