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PLANNing with a purpose


Our drafting services are tailored to each client’s specific needs and project demands. Our expert team helps bring each project to life with a comprehensive drafting and design plan suited to your project.  


We have been at the forefront of the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) transition from CAiCE to utilizing Civil 3D software for complete project control. These industry leading adaptations include sitemaps and designs, monthly progress volumes and as-built drawings. Our team uses the latest software and procedures, providing feedback to our clients along the way. This process allows both our team and our clients to learn together and help build a new way to deliver massive infrastructure projects in BC.

Image by Daniel McCullough

How can we help?


  • FF/FL Analysis

  • Deviation Analysis

  • Scan to BIM (LOD 100-350)

  • Clash Detection

  • MEP BIM Services

  • 3D Visualization

  • Wet Concrete Scanning

  • 2D/3D Floor Plans

  • Historical Documentation

  • Elevation drawings

Redline & As builts

Civil, commercial, industrial, mining, oil and gas, residential.



Detailed drawings outlining and locating site features. 



3D surfaces, 3D line work, and corridor models.

Cut and fill


Identify high and low areas with  precise measurements of existing topography and elevation.


Design & Feasibility

Detailed design services helping you better understand your project.



Identify and track site materials through site surveys. 

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