Van Bower Construction Services utilizes 3D scanning technology to capture 3D imagery as-is from the field. We provide a host of innovative services for the use of 3D scanning, such as building as-built surveys, floor flatness analysis, topographic surveys, and much more.


3D scanning and measurement can provide the information on project conditions with the accuracy needed for future planning. Using our 3D scanning tools, we have measured over 1,000,000 sqft., across various projects ranging from building construction, marine, highway, mining and infrastructure projects.  Van Bower has been utilising 3D Scanning technology since 2005, and since that time we have grown with the technology along the way. 


Our clients have benefited from obtaining reliable information on existing buildings, reducing the time required to properly understand the actual site conditions. We are highly proactive in the use of new technology to provide our clients with innovative and safety conscious solutions. Using 3D scanning, we are able to provide accurate information for the task to meet the project specifications, budget and schedule.

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