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A more efficient way to manage projects.
You focus on design and we'll focus on enhancing your model to reduce work, save time, and money. 

Whether you're an architect, engineer, contractor, or building owner, our Vancouver-based team will support and help you reach the next level of BIM.  


BIM Level 2 Implementation *4D & 5D

BIM Level 3 Implementation *6D & 7D

BIM Design and Construction Guidelines

Staff Training 



BIM Project Management Procedures

BIM Documentations (EIR, BEP, MIDP)

Audits & Quality Control

Onsite BIM Management 



3D Scanning to BIM

LOD 100 - 500 Modeling
Multidiscipline BIM Modeling

Clash Rendition, Reporting & Resolution 

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What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a graphic interface with 3D attributes that represent the physical and functional components of a building. BIM has become a common practice for architects, developers, contractors, engineers, sub-contractor, and consultants to implement into projects due to its immense capabilities.  

why is it important?

  • Minimize rework

  • Spend less time on RFI's

  • Accurately predict budgetary requirements

  • Streamline maintenances processes for contractors and sub contractors

  • Enhance building performance.

  • Analyze mechanical, structural, electrical, and plumbing components

  • Identify and address discrepancies early on in a project.

  • Simulate installations

  • Enhance construction safety

  • Improve workflows for renovations and new construction

  • Digitally access all building information quickly and accurately

  • Reduce change orders due to clash and design errors

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