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The Van Bower management team has a wealth of over 60 years of experience and offers an array of services throughout all phases of construction. Each of our projects are carefully managed and executed to achieve our standards of communication, education, and safety.


Our team is committed to providing our clients with the necessary resources and education to allow for full utilization of their assets. Our knowledgeable technicians provide construction management, survey, 3D scanning, and drafting support to clients where in-house resources may not exist.


Our dedication to provide quality support and innovation has allowed us to deliver our diverse array of projects on time and budget. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your next construction project needs.

Highways & Infrastructure 


Educational Institutes 

Marine & Coastal



Oil & Gas 

Ports & Marine Terminals 

Environmental / Habitat Protection


Single / Multifamily Developments

Landscape Architecture

Retrofits / Renovations 

Mass Timber

Sports Facilities 


  • FF/FL Analysis

  • Deviation Analysis

  • Scan to BIM (LOD 100-350)

  • Clash Detection

  • MEP BIM Services

  • 3D Visualization

  • Wet Concrete Scanning

  • 2D/3D Floor Plans

  • Historical Documentation

  • Elevation drawings

Current Full-Time Positions: 

  • Construction Supervisor 

  • Construction Assistant 

  • Geomatics Technician 

For more information and job descriptions, please contact us at 

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