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3D Scanning

From renovations to new construction, our 3D scanning capabilities provide accurate data to validate existing conditions in the built or natural environment.


3D scanning has proven to be a valuable, cost efficient, time-saving tool throughout various stages of a project. When incorporating 3D scanning into a project, you have the ability to identify discrepancies and issues early in a project to mitigate your risk of potential rework.​ 


How can we help?

  • Capture millions of points per second

  • Document, improve, and maximize quality assurance

  • Quicker project planning due to accurate as-build records

  • Rapid turnaround of deliverables

  • Spot clash detections early

  • Reduce time on site 

  • Scanning can be preformed in adjacent areas

  • Non-invasive, non contact (less disruptive)

  • Large amount of data can be collected

  • Plan and visualize your entire project during pre construction

  • Safe solution for measuring complex locations

  • Make decisions quickly and easily in the field

  • Minimizes operations shut down

  • Monitor site progress 

  • Create production drawings quickly and easily

  • Compare "as designed" vs. "as built" 

  • Capture existing conditions in high resolution

  • Enhance project work flow 

  • Rapid turnaround of deliverable 3D models

  • Mitigate risk and check as built accuracy

FF/FL Analysis 

Quickly identify discrepancies with improved accuracy by 3D scanning your concrete slab to meet ASTM E1155 standards.  

As Built


Capture real world environments with accurate, usable data for your next project. 



Identify discrepancies and deviations from 3D design models for QC/QA.

Scan to BIM

Produce highly accurate 3D models of existing structures and natural elements.



 Inspect and visualize your project with highly detailed and realistic point clouds data.

Anchor Bolt & Embed for Steel & Timber

Capture highly detailed locational data for adjusting dimensions before fabrication to ensure an accurate fit each time.

Beam Camber


Monitor original camber and deflection of beams throughout various phases of load bearing. 

Wet Concrete

Scanning for QC

Quality control your wet concrete with an accurate process that identifies high and low areas of wet concrete before it cures. 

Stair / Ramp Analysis

Ensure your stairs and ramps are meet ASTM E1155 standards and local building codes.

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